Tibet Sun was launched on 8.8.08 at 8 seconds, 8 minutes, 8 a.m. TibetSun.com will have the latest Tibet and Tibetan news every day! The launching day coincided with the opening of the Beijing Olympics.

The site is aimed at safeguarding the national interest of Tibet and the Tibetan people. It will also address other pressing global issues and current affairs. It will impart news and views frankly and fearlessly.

The reportage will be objective and based on truth.

Website: TibetSun.com

'McLeodGanj.com was launched on 27 May 2013. The website will have everything about McLeod Ganj. Right now the site is in beta, and we are at the developing stage.

Website: McLeodGanj.com

Miss Tibet Pageant is a platform for young Tibetan women to showcase their talents and aspirations. The pageant helps assert the Tibetans as a people and a race through presentation of Tibetan culture in a contemporary fashion. When a Miss Tibet participates in an international pageant this fact becomes clear. The pageant was started in 2002.

Website: MissTibet.com

Miss Himalaya is organised to bring beautiful women from the entire Himalayan region onto one platform to celebrate the beautiful cultures, people, and nature of the Himalayan region. The pageant will focus on promoting peace and preservation of the environment in the Himalayan region.

The idea of Miss Himalaya was conceived by Lobsang Wangyal a few years ago. Work for the event has been going on since early 2010. The domain misshimalaya.com was registered in February 2010, and the event was publicly announced in June 2011.

Website: MissHimalaya.com

Free Spirit Film Festival (formerly Tibetan Film Festival) is an annual event hosted to promote the joy, beauty and power of cinema. The festival particularly honours and promotes independent filmmakers from around the world.

The festival also has a special place for Tibetan films and filmmakers. The festival hopes to encourage and build a strong film culture among Tibetans. Films are an indispensable medium in today's world, and a stronger film culture will provide enormous benefit to Tibetans in bringing awareness about the Tibetan situation. The festival was started in 2004.

Website: FreeSpiritFilmFestival.com

Tibetan music hasn't received the recognition and attention it should have according to its potential. Hence the works of Tibetan musicians have remained hidden from the international music scene. The Tibetan Music Awards purpose is to address and challenge the shadow Tibetan music is lying under and to give Tibetan music and the musicians the recognition they deserve.

Tibetan Music Awards was started in 2003.

Website: MusicTibet.com

Tibet Fashion Week — To promote ethnic Tibetan clothing, to provide a platform for young Tibetan fashion designers, to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in Tibetan fashion products and lines, and to network for Tibetan designers with the outside world.

Website: FashionTibet.com

Free Spirit Festival is a celebration of contemporary Tibetan art and culture. A special focus is also laid on the vanishing traditional arts. The festival is a platform for Tibetan artistes, especially those who need attention and promotion, to showcase their talents and aspirations. The festival was started in the year 2000.

Website: FreeSpiritFestival.com

Sing for Tibet is to tell the world that Tibet is not forgotten. We last came Together for Tibet on 10.10.10 (Sunday) at the UN Plaza in New York City and the European Parliament in Brussels to keep the pressure on. We would like as many people to come together for Tibet.

Website: SingforTibet.com

Tibetan Olympics was a sporting event for Tibetans to ensure that they are not left out of the spirit of the Beijing Olympics 2008. It was held from 15 to 25 May 2008 in Dharamshala, India.

There were two championship trophies — men and women’s. There were 15 participants each in both the categories, competing in 10 different games. The events were long-distance-running, swimming, archery, shooting, and track and field. The event took place in Dharamshala.

Website: TibetanOlympics.com

Free Spirit, Free Tibet cross-country motorcycle race. The race will be Mcleod Ganj – Manali – Mcleod Ganj. This two-day racing event will have three categories. Two categories are for Tibetans who are between the age 18 to 35. From the two categories, one will be with bikes with cc from 100 to 350 and the other will be 350 cc and above. The third category will be open for non-Tibetan racers and the cc is of personal choice.

The date of this event is not yet fixed, but will be announced when more details and concrete planning is done.

TV Tibet is an online TV channel that collects and presents videos related to Tibet and Tibetan people from various sources like You Tube, Veoh, and other video sites. It was launched on 2 October 2007.

The newest videos will be featured on the home page. Other relevant videos will be shown according to their subjects listed in the Channel menu.

We would be happy to receive your videos to share with others what’s happening in your area as well.

We plan to do live telecast of Tibetan events around the world in the future when we will have more resources.

Website: TVTibet.com