Pink lotus - Happiness with Lobsang སརྦ་མངྒལཾ། सर्वमंगलम Sarvamangalam

Happiness with Lobsang

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. — Dalai Lama

What is Happiness?
Are you Happy?
Do you want to be Happy?

Lobsang Wangyal speaks about happiness from the point of view of the “Conventional Truth” — the reality of our daily lives. He speaks on some basic points that we overlook, which are actually the very foundation of our happiness. He speaks on …

Balance and Harmony
Need and Want
Surrendering the Ego
Put a smile on others’ faces

Lobsang Wangyal has been meeting people from all over the world (almost every day). He has been interacting and giving consultations to various people in the last few years. He is not attached to the outcome, but tries to create the opportunity for people to open up and to realise their potential to be happy.

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Lobsang Wangyal portrait - 2013

updated 24 December 2019