Lobsang Wangyal Photography

Lobsang Wangyal has been documenting exile Tibetan life. particularly in its capital McLeod Ganj, for 27 years, from 1994 to 2021. Apart from having a sizable archive of almost all the events in McLeod Ganj during that time, his writing and photography have been published around the world. For two decades he was a stringer for Agence France-Presse dispatching from McLeod Ganj. Many books and magazines around the world have used his photos. When some celebrities visit McLeod Ganj, he becomes the local paparazzi

Following are some of the major publications that have used Lobsang’s works:

The Phnom Penh Post
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 13 September 2019

The i newspaper
London, UK 5 May 2019

The Week
Washington, DC 27 May 2016

The New York Times
New York, US 27 April 2016

Toronto, Cananda 10 March 2016

Yahoo News
Sunnyvale, CA, US 6 March 2016

The Peninsula
Doha, Qatar 5 March 2016

National Post
Toronto, Canada 10 September 2015

London, UK 21 June 2015

New Jersey, US 21 June 2015

The Guardian
London, UK 2 October 2014

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2 October 2014

Atlanta, US 16 March 2014

National Geographic
Washington, DC 25 April 2013

The Independent
Washington, DC 30 September 2012

Foreign Policy
Washington, DC 17 July 2012

Austin, TX, US 30 March 2012

The Wall Street Journal
New York, US 22 February 2012

The Globe And Mail
Toronto, Canada 14 October 2011

updated 27 May 2022

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