Lobsang’s Studio

Who is Lobsang?

Lobsang Wangyal is an exile Tibetan living in McLeod Ganj, India. He works as a photojournalist. He also produces events and designs websites under the eponymous name of Lobsang Wangyal Productions that he started in 2000. Specialising in media, art, and entertainment, he calls himself a “small-town impresario”. His works have become centres of modern Tibetan popular culture.

What is Lobsang’s Studio?

Lobsang has started a small studio where he plans, designs, experiments and executes his events. Now he wants to share his skills and experience with younger generation Tibetans. To do this, he needs to expand the studio space and facilities for people to learn and practice multimedia skills. The studio would also provide job opportunities, initially for teachers and office staff, and eventually for more people as it grows into a multi-media and web development business.

The first studio of one room was opened in May 2007, on Jogiwara Road in McLeod Ganj, and moved to a bigger room across the road in May 2008. Young people found their way to it from the beginning, and it was at first used daily for internet access and computer practice. It hosted web development and media classes, as well as meetings of local techies. Due to limitations of space, equipment, and funds, the studio had to scale down the computing activities, and Lobsang has been concentrating on his productions and websites.

Why expand Lobsang’s Studio?

“I am saddened and frustrated at seeing the lack of jobs and opportunities there is for Tibetan youth. The goal of many is to “go to the west” just because even with a college degree there is hardly any chance of any kind of career, or even a job, here in India — much less in their Dharamshala home. But in our new world of the Internet, where even McLeod Ganj now has a fast connection, we can all “work from home”. This studio would provide training and work for young people in the low-opportunity Dharamshala area. This facility is totally free of any charge or obligation.”

Would you like to help?

Here is the proposal and the budget. Even if Lobsang cannot realise the full dream right away, help towards any part of it would be great.

If you would like more information or to help support Lobsang’s Studio, please contact Lobsang here. You can also send a donation through: