Lobsang’s Studio


In its full realisation, Lobsang’s Studio will provide multimedia and technological services and employment to the residents of the Mcleod Ganj community. The premises will have sections for journalism and photography, event management, web designing and development, graphics designing, and audio/visual productions. It will also have a gallery/mini-conference room, a small kitchen, and a bathroom/toilet.

There are other centres offering similar services, but only at the basic level. The vision of Lobsang’s Studio is to provide high-end services and products. And due to our long-time connections, we can be synergetic with the services and resources of other local organisations which are providing technical services in Dharamshala.

The Studio will function as a complementary means of preserving Tibetan culture. Other organisations may have the ability to preserve traditional Tibetan culture using conventional means. However, when given the opportunities to combine this knowledge with modern technology, they will have the ability to expand their scope.

what the centre will provide

business services

facilities for multimedia and web development: Currently, there is no place in the area where intellectually and visually talented individuals or groups can go to create multimedia projects, especially at any advanced level. Lobsang’s Studio will provide facilities for web and graphic arts designing, audio/visual editing, and website development.

art and media related events: The Studio will be a centre for planning, designing, and executing events.

fee structure: Fees will be nominal, and will depend on extent of the production and its application. This means, if the work involved is commercial and big, the fees will be charged accordingly. But if the purpose is for charity or the community, even if the work is big, the fees will be quite small or services may even be free of cost.


At the Studio individuals and groups can learn new skills and incorporate them into their projects. Apart from Lobsang teaching and mentoring, there will be other paid teachers to give classes and to help people with their projects. In addition there will be a professional web developer and programmer, and volunteers.


There is a growing number of educated and intelligent, but unemployed, youth in Dharamshala. As a viable business, this centre will be able to provide employment opportunities through the positions created with the establishment of the Studio. Further positions will be created as we are able to take on paid projects. People who have gained skills here will be able to get jobs elsewhere.

gallery cum conference hall

The Studio will serve as a venue for conferences, movie screening and displaying visual works of art.

productions of the studio

art and media events: Lobsang Wangyal has successfully produced many events since 2000. He will be able to apply his experience to this new enterprise. With this expanded Studio he will be able to have a more effective base for future productions, mentor the younger generation, and provide employment to more people.

magazine: A weekly magazine Hello McLeod Ganj is planned. The magazine will contain news, views, upcoming events, and current affairs of McLeod Ganj.

websites: Many websites are now being run from this Studio TibetSun.com is about Tibetan and international news and analysis. MissTibet.com is the web presence for the Miss Tibet Pageant. McLeodGanj.com, about McLeod Ganj and the events around here, is also run from this Studio.


Our mission is to help build professional quality works and create new things — as web sites, graphics design, music, videos, and whatever new technology may come — and enable people to become skilled, self-sufficient and creative. We hope to inspire and create many talented people who could develop themselves and become contributing members of the community.

Thank you,

Lobsang Wangyal


For independent verification of the proposal, the following long-time residents in McLeod Ganj may be contacted:
Gerrie, hardware and network engineer:
James Walker, web programmer: read James’ reference.

how you can help

If you would like more information or to help support Lobsang’s Studio, please contact Lobsang here. You can also send a donation through: