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Who is Lobsang?

Lobsang Wangyal is an exile Tibetan living in McLeod Ganj, India.In his day job he works as a photojournalist, while as a social justice warrior, he uses his writing, photojournalism, and events productions to serve exile Tibetan society. He produces events and designs websites under the eponymous name of Lobsang Wangyal Productions, which he started in 2000. Specialising in media, art, and entertainment, he calls himself a "small-town impresario". His productions have become centres of modern Tibetan popular culture, and his works have influenced exile Tibetan life.

Why support Lobsang?

Lobsang has been living in McLeod Ganj for over 25 years, doing valuable things for the community in his own unique way. You can read more about him on his support page at GoGetFunding. His event productions are summarised on his Productions page, the definitive list of his works is on this website, and he has a page at Wikipedia.

Would you like to help?

Right now (December 2019) Lobsang's biggest needs are a new laptop to continue his good works, and money for travels to spread them around. You can help him through PayPal or contact him here.

Thank you!

updated 15 June 2022